Everyone Falls

a guidebook to overcoming sin   by:  P. Stefan Gilliam

Do you struggle in the same areas of your life, over and over?

Learn the simple adjustments you can make to overcome sin in your life for good. Your life doesn't have to be paralyzed by sin. This book is help for those who feel like prayer and will power just aren't enough.

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What You'll Learn from Everyone Falls

This book is a real guide to removing sin from your life. We will learn to identify our sin, understand why we sin, and position ourselves to never fall again.

Erase Your Worry
Eliminate the two root causes of sin, fear and doubt. Learn how your own will power fights against you in the battle for your righteousness, and be liberated.
Understand Why You Sin
Realize why you continue to choose the same road, and gain a greater understanding behind how your decisions are created and supported through your sin.
Free Yourself
Take the final step of freedom and embrace your right, power, and privilege in Christ once and for all.

Why I Chose to Write Everyone Falls

Sin has this way of weaving itself through our lives and personality like an addiction, then we start to believe there is no escape. But there is a way out! This book will lead you through the process of understanding and removing sin from your life.

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The Destroying Sin Workbook

In my walk, I often found it difficult to retrieve any material that would help me know what to do after I've sinned. I found many books, but none gave me a practical strategy for escape. The Destroying Sin Workbook walks you through the door of escape.

About The Author

P. Stefan Gilliam is a Father, radio show host, author, and entrepreneur. He is dedicated to sharing experiences with other Christians, in hopes that we can realize just how human we are and just how supernatural Christ is.

P. Stefan Gilliam

I try to decipher all things from many different sightlines, only finding truth in the place where new wisdom and the experiences of life past, meet Christ and His love. Thank you for coming to visit me. I can't wait to share more of me, in Him, with you.

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Everyone Falls Ebook (PDF)

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